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I'm Jenna McGarr

You may know me as The Mentor To Premium Coaches. My coaching business journey started back In 2019 when I founded Mindset Life Coaching.


I left the corporate world to help business owners prosper by delving into the mindset challenges that held them back and break those down. I was providing them with a roadmap to their desired goals.


With an holistic approach to self growth, I propelled my clients journey at its highest level by providing bespoke practices of support.

Fast forward to 2022 and I joined forces with my partner James, a businessman who took his knowledge of business strategy and marketing and built that into our High Ticket Coaching business model applicable to all consulting / coaching industries.  

Mindset Life Coaching was always about achieving real and significant changes in life.


Now we combine that with your High Ticket Model and the results time and time again are the same; 

Our clients gain the knowledge of how to run a successful business, spending only the time they choose to work with their dream clients, enjoying a lifestyle you've been dreaming of. 

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Whats Covered
HOME: Who do I help

What it takes
to work with me..

You feel dissatisfied with any of the 5 Houses of your life and want to change them for the better


...want to live a better life


You are prepared to make changes to your mindset and behaviour to implement recommended plans

...are committed to making changes


You are wholeheartedly open to self reflection, overcoming fears, and personal growth.

...are open to a new approach

Our Focus

Your Speciality:

By leveraging your experience, we’ll help you highlight your distinct position in the marketplace that immediately appeals to aspiring clients who value what you offer.

Premium Pricing:

A specialist offering a premium service comes with an expectation of a bigger investment. We’ll show you how to incorporate a stand out fee structure that matches your expertise with the right audience.

Increasing Client Retention:

Where your best clients ask how they can continue working with you. Turning what used to be one time clients into MULTI YEAR CLIENTS.

Ultimately this model requires FEWER clients, shorter delivery time to generate MORE cashflow, and better client results so you both have more time to enjoy life!

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Get Crystal Clear on what you want out of your life. Establish what is achievable in both the short and the long term

Niche & Marketing


Unstoppable Mindset

Build an unshakeable mindset. Increase your confidence, self belief and feel empowered to achieve your goals 

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Model & Strategy

Identifying the things lifting you up and bringing you down to create positive changes and maximise on your blessings.

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Actionable Steps

To achieve the goal we need the steps to get you there. I work with you to build out these completely customised steps.

Tree Lined Path

Support & Academy

Your tailored path will be clear and achievable, based on decisions made by you, so you walk away with confidence

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